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Live Streamed on March 21, 2023 9:14 PM ET
LIVE! Bourbon w/ Barnes: Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Big Topic: What is going on w/ DeSantis? Also: Chattanooga LIVE event, what is happening in financial sector, and answering your questions live.

Live Streamed on March 20, 2023 6:00 PM ET
March 20, 2023
Ep. 152 Live with Barnes

Locals exclusive stream. Enjoy!

Live Streamed on March 19, 2023 7:01 PM ET
March 19, 2023
Trump Madness

It's a race to the bottom, and the Deep State has a head start and its own cheerleaders.

Declaration of Independence

Audio podcast style.

Declaration of Independence
Barnes Law School: 2nd Amendment Victory!

Enjoy this podcast deep dive into the case, much like a single session of a law school class.

Barnes Law School: 2nd Amendment Victory!
August 14, 2021
Viva on Mississauga Radio

I was on the Richard Syrett show the other day. Here is the audio. I hope I was good... Radio is such a difference format from YouTube. So... many... ad and traffic interruptions. lol

Viva on Mississauga Radio
Announcement: April LIVE Event

Special Announcement.

Event: Barnes Birthday Bash

Where: Chattanooga, Tennessee

When: Weekend of April 21, 2023

What: A special event, from 5 to 10 p.m., as the only, invited guests on a Mark Twain era Tennessee Riverboat, with catered dinner served, a scenic river cruise, live entertainment, a live special edition Hush Hush show, special guests, and a personal meet-up with Viva, I, special guests, and fellow members of the board.

Fundraiser: All net proceeds go to the Free America Law Center. Your ticket helps fund the three efforts FALC will be launching -- Political Freedom, Food Freedom, and Medical Freedom. In all three areas, deserving clients cannot afford representation and legal advocacy, the cases concern matters of core freedoms of everyday Americans, the impact of the cases is global and public, and the legal profession's own political parochialism leads them to not adequately or effectively represent these causes and individuals, from the Covington Boys to Kyle ...

Need to settle a bet…

When you capture an image off your phone or computer, is it called a screengrab, or a screenshot?

Questions for Bourbon with Barnes: Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Ask in replies & live at 9ish tonight

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Barnes Brief: Monday, March 20, 2023

Schedule This Week

  • Monday at 6 pm eastern: Viva & Barnes Live:
  • Tuesday at 9 pm eastern: Bourbon w/ Barnes
  • Wednesday at noon eastern: Alex Jones Live:
  • Thursday at 9 pm eastern: Bourbon w/ Barnes:
  • Friday & Saturday, Atlanta, GA: Vaccine Injured Conference:
  • The Closing Argument Today: The real reason for the Trump indictment

Introduction: Top 10 Headlines

  • Banking crisis deepens, as banks seeking last-resort lending from Fed skyrockets to 2008 levels. UBS now owns Credit Suisse as consolidation increases.
  • DeSantis mixed statement on Trump impending indictment.
  • Xi visits Putin, as geopolitical quakes continue to shock the west.
  • March Madness turns mad, but SportsPicks subscribers are still in the black.
  • Lawsuits move forward against big banks over Epstein.
  • French protests rock France, as Macron barely survives collapse of government in no-confidence vote.
  • Quick guilty verdicts in Oath Keepers 1/6 case.
  • Jim Jordan fights back against New York DA.
  • Big win against Biden admin attempt to seize regulatory power over your backyard pond.

Wisdom of the Day: “To prick the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself and falls on the’other.” Macbeth.


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Barnes Brief: Thursday, March 16, 2023

Introduction: Top 10 Headlines

  • Dutch Farmers Party Wins Big!
  • Bonds go haywire, Credit Suisse bailed out & China reopening fails, as flight to security surges.
  • Biden executive order on guns.
  • DeSantis revokes Hyatt liquor license for drag show to kids.
  • OKeefe starts anew, with more allies on way.
  • Trans activist apologies.
  • Proud Boys 1/6 case exposes more FBI misconduct.
  • How GOP hopefuls
    Tucker on Ukraine.
  • RFK interviews with Epoch.
  • China adversary and Bannon ally indicted.

The Evidence: Barnes Daily Curated Library

  1. Albanian mob control of European trafficking.
  2. 1/6 as establishment scam to prevent challenges.
  3. Maine rep challenges Ukraine narrative.
  4. How SVB went down.
  5. Election takeover scheme still afoot.
  6. Dubious grounds cited in SCOTUS case.
  7. Corporate BLM complicity.
  8. Obama family ties to CIA.
  9. MacGregor: Trouble in Ukraine.
  10. Banking crisis incoming.

*Bonus: Live chat, March Madness style!

Closing Argument: A Reasoned Rant

None today. The Madness must be honored.

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Barnes Brief: Sunday, March 12, 2023

Schedule This Week

No Sunday show this week.

Bourbon w/ Barnes: Monday at 6 pm eastern; Tuesday & Thursday at 9 pm eastern.

Sidebar: Wednesday at 7 w/ Garland Nixon.

Last Week: Kim Iverson &

of Sinners along w/ Redacted

Introduction: Top 10 Headlines

  • Debate starts over bailing out uninsured deposit holders at Silicon Valley Bank that went bust, as concerns rise over the state of First Republic Bank.
  • DeSantis moves toward announcing a 2024 bid challenging Trump.
  • More countries, even lefty European nations, conclude gender intervention in minors is not based on any good medical evidence.
  • Inventory bullwhip effect starting to show up in employment.
  • China brokers peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
  • RFK announces his possible campaign, testing public support, focusing on “my top priority will be to end the corrupt merger between state and corporate power.”
  • Stanford Law harasses federal Judge with woke struggle session.
  • 1/6 Prison Choir song w/ Trump hits #1 on iTunes.
  • China toys recalled after kids’ deaths.
  • Deep State plans on Deep Fakes for psyops.
  • Gun sanctuary law struck down.
  • Banning drag shows for kids catches on.

Wisdom of the Day: “Repay them according to their deeds.” Psalm 28:4.

The Evidence: Barnes Daily Curated Library

The New McCarthyism.

Gun control is racist.

Inside rail car derailment debacle.

Why banks collapsed?

End to Airline consolidation?

Censorship Industrial Complex.

Elites scared of populists’ efficacy.

Embryo as property?

Central issue of 2024: democracy or deep state?

What is the EuroDollar?

*Bonus: My father's favorite.

Closing Argument: A Reasoned Rant

  • I favor picking candidates based on probable impact on society. Let me given an example: abortion. If the goal is to reduce the number of abortions, then which policy best reduces actual abortions? This came to attention after watching abortion rates decline more under Clinton than they had under his pro-life predecessors. For example, guess which Governor has seen a rise in abortions during his term, and which Governor has seen a decline in abortions during his term? The two most prominent Governors – DeSantis and Newsom. But abortions rose under DeSantis while fell under Newsome. Why? Abortion laws often make less difference on abortion rates than policies that give generous benefits to single mothers.
  • In the same vein, I focus on the actual consequences of probable policies. I voted Trump believing he could at least stop the bleeding: no new wars and no new bad trade. Trump delivered even more: not only no new wars (despite repeat efforts to bait him into military interventions in Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Taiwan and Venezuela), but also tearing up old bad trade deals, renegotiating NAFTA for more favorable terms to America, and imposing tariffs on China. I see immigration as part of this, and Trump did more to reduce illegal immigration than any President since a century ago.
  • I’ve enjoyed success forecasting the likely consequences and enacted policies of politicians for some time, after I got burned as a kid, first believing in a Bush then a Clinton. It taught me a lifetimes lesson to assess the real probabilistic enacted policies of candidates if elected, and what to look for to make that forecast.
  • That’s why I am an increasing skeptic of DeSantis. His Deep State recruit resume screams warning alarms, with his Yale fraternity ties to Skull & Bones favorite fraternity, his recruitment as a young teacher at an elite prep school, Harvard Law, Guantanamo & Fallujah Navy assignments, gig at the US Attorneys’ office, early John Bolton endorsement for his first Congressional bid, and his atrocious Congressional record – supported Maidan coup, aligned with neocons like Arkansas Senator Cotton, embraced Paul Ryan budgets (called for massive cuts in Social security), opposed using tariffs in trade policy, continued to back the Iraq War into 2012, criticized Trump for not being more pro-intervention in Ukraine, suggested his own support for further intervention in Venezuela, and won the backing of the billionaire oligarch donor class of Trump haters. There’s a reason DeSantis calls the Bush family his “heroes.”
  • There’s another reason though: likely voter reactions to DeSantis. Republicans quickly forgot why Democrats loved the electoral college before 2016 – it gave Democrats an edge with their Blue Wall in the industrial Midwest. The Bush coalition is dead: the Bushs killed it. As is, the Bush coalition was on bordered time, due to its own embrace of illegal immigration in the southwest and the shifting cultural tides amongst the millennial professional class toward the left. Remove Virginia and Colorado (two states best reflective of the latter), and DeSantis could win every Bush 2004 state (even Iowa and Ohio, two states that would be much more competitive than it was for Democrats under Trump), and still lose the election. Trump broke the electoral college edge. How? Trade and war. Trump won over working class, less-religious voters in the industrial Midwest and southwest, as the loud New Yawker that would break some eggs when eggs need breaking, but shift Presidential policy away from the wars that shipped their kids overseas and the trade policies that shipped their jobs overseas. DeSantis’ Bush-style policies on war and trade doom his candidacy in any general election, even without considering the backlash amongst Trump primary voters likely to occur were he to be seen as the cause of Trump’s loss in the primaries.
  • This is why, if you want Biden replaced, it’s still Trump 2024.
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