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SCOTUS Hides & Law Loses

SCOTUS spoke, and their authored words left much to be desired. If a state has no standing to enforce the electors clause, no one does. If SCOTUS cannot resolve a Presidential election riddled with illegality, who can? It makes the electors clause a dead letter provision in the Constitution and SCOTUS look like useless librarians. This also signals SCOTUS will play Pontius Pilate throughout this election, wash their hands of what took place, and abandon the mediating role their position in the Constitutional order called for, which is sad for the Court itself.

The problem is still the same as when we started: too little institutional support for Trump or populist Constitutional causes. We now have two more institutions exposed as either incompetent or corrupt: our elections & the judiciary's handling of elections.

The lasting remedy, too, remains the same: ordinary people organizing & empowering a populist reform movement that relights the candle of liberty for the world. All ...

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Article of the Day: Saturday, March 6, 2021

"This formulation was crucial not only for maximizing fear levels about the Democrats’ adversaries but also, as I’ve documented previously, because declaring an “armed insurrection” empowers the state with virtually unlimited powers to act against the citizenry. Over and over, leading Democrats and their media allies repeated this phrase like some hypnotic mantra: But this was completely false. As I detailed several weeks ago, so many of the most harrowing and widespread media claims about the January 6 riot proved to be total fabrications. A pro-Trump mob did not bash Office Brian Sicknick’s skull in with a fire extinguisher. No protester brought zip-ties with them as some premeditated plot to kidnap members of Congress (two rioters found them on a table inside). There’s no evidence anyone intended to assassinate Mike Pence, Mitt Romney or anyone else."

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