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Over 2 GOP Justices dissenting, Democratic justices rush in to overturn Pennsylvania trial court order. Their excuse is something I talked about with @VivaFrei on the Friday show w/ Eric Hunley. Courts love to use bogus procedural tricks to evade election lawsuits when the "wrong" side seeks remedy. If you sue before injury, they say you have no "standing" to sue. If you sue after injury, they say you sued too late, and laches bars your claim. If you sue when the injury occured but no remedy easily exists, they say its moot. No standing in spring, laches by summer, and moot by fall. It's completely bogus. The core problem? Democratic judges rush in to hurt Trump and defend Democrats, but too few GOP judges do the same.

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Live Streamed on February 3, 2023 3:17 PM ET
February 03, 2023
Live With Kyle Rittenhouse!

Live With Kyle Rittenhouse!

Live Streamed on February 2, 2023 9:08 PM ET
LIVE! Bourbon w/ Barnes: Thursday, February 2, 2023

Who is Konstanin Kisin (the rude guy Viva got stuck with while I had fun on the Duran)? Content creators: Independence v. Influence? Answering critics & questions alike...

Live Streamed on February 1, 2023 9:20 PM ET
LIVE! Bourbon w/ Barnes: Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Discussing working class industrial state voters, the brilliance of Andor, Murdaugh trial, and answering your questions...

Declaration of Independence

Audio podcast style.

Declaration of Independence
Barnes Law School: 2nd Amendment Victory!

Enjoy this podcast deep dive into the case, much like a single session of a law school class.

Barnes Law School: 2nd Amendment Victory!
August 14, 2021
Viva on Mississauga Radio

I was on the Richard Syrett show the other day. Here is the audio. I hope I was good... Radio is such a difference format from YouTube. So... many... ad and traffic interruptions. lol

Viva on Mississauga Radio
Live chatted 11 hours ago
Sunday with Viva & Barnes will be tomorrow, but...

Barnes is in transit today, so the Sunday Viva & Barnes will be tomorrow night. But tonight I will be interviewing Stephanie de Garay - Maddie's mother. If you don't know Maddie's story, you will want to tune in. If you do know her story, you will want to tune in. Tonight at 18:00

Yeonmi Park

I’m listening to Yeonmi Park on Joe Rogan. She escaped North Korea. It’s a very interesting interview. Hopefully I can get Yeonmi on for a stream. One particularly poignant part that I just got to, about two hours in. “How can you fight for freedom when you don’t know you are a slave”. Describing how the second generation of slaves in North Korea don’t even know what freedom is to know that they are slaves.

February 03, 2023
Post-interview selfie

Hope you all enjoyed the interview! Let me know what you think. And enjoy the post-interview selfie!

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Barnes Brief: Weekend of February 4, 2023

Schedule This Week

  • The Sunday show will shift to Monday, as I will be in transit Sunday.
  • Wednesday’s Sidebar will be with cultural commentator Nina Infinity.
  • Bourbon will be live after the show on Monday and Wednesday, then return Thursday, but skip Tuesday due to travel commitments.
  • The Vegas meetup moved to March 12, and will be a smaller event for 50 guests, with dinner served, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Future events to be announced only after the venue is committed and booked, with aims to hold meetups in different parts of the country every other month, or so. My apologies for the rescheduling.

The Introduction: News in Brief

  • China balloon shot down over the ocean.
  • Germany’s industrial engine shutting down over Russian energy sanctions.
  • Labor report of 500K+ new jobs contradicted by other government labor report showing less than 100K new jobs in January.
  • Elon Musk wins again! Defeats billion-dollar securities class action over “taking it private” Tweet.
  • Credit card debt hit all time high, while personal savings dipped to near all-time lows.
  • House bill stopping 87K new IRS agents hits hurdles in Senate.
  • ChatGPT offers subscription services that may cheaply substitute for writers in a range of professions.
  • Arctic blasts freeze northeast with power price spikes.  
  • DeSantis revoked liquor license from bar hosting kid drag events.
  • Biden hates Iowa, and DNC formally replaces it with South Carolina as 1st primary. That also profits Kamala Harris if she were the candidate.

Wisdom of the Day: “All warfare is based on deception.” Sun Tzu.

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Barnes Brief

Schedule This Week

  • Wednesday: Barnes Brief, George Gammon & Bourbon w/ Barnes at 9ish eastern
  • Thursday: LIVE with the Duran at 1 p.m. eastern & Bourbon w/ Barnes at 9ish
  • Friday: Hush Hush: Origins of The Freemasons
  • VIP Meet-Up: Sunday, February 26, 2023, Las Vegas, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Introduction: News in Brief

  • Fed hikes 25 basis points, as expected.
  • More Biden home searches for classified document stash.
  • Strikes rock UK.  
  • Nikki Haley preps 2024 Presidential run. She’s the Deep State’s favorite.
  • As MacGregor predicted, Ukraine wants nuclear weapons.
  • Germany convicts activist of crime of being anti-war.
  • Jordan Peterson turns into a war-hawk on Iran, a particular obsession of his new sponsor, Daily Wire
  • Insurance analysts disclose likely 7% increase in deaths per vaccine.
  • Musk’s goal to use WeChat as his model for Twitter continues, as Twitter tries to get into payment processing.
  • Tom Brady retires. Again.

Wisdom of the Day: “They want to ship your jobs overseas and then your kids overseas to fight in foolish wars.” Donald Trump.

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Barnes Brief: Tuesday, January 31, 2023


  • Schedule for Barnes Brief: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, to be published 3x/week. When legal matters call, publication may be delayed. The structure will be top-10 headlines available to all, and for subscribers, a top-10 of curated, interesting article links, and a reasoned rant.
  • Schedule for Bourbon w/ Barnes: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 9ish p.m. eastern time, except when in transit or in court. The average length will be 45 minutes, or so.
  • Book Club & Box Office will be review videos rather than live shows, and Barnes Law School podcasts and publications will continue as well.
  • Hush Hush coming this week: The Assassination of Huey Long & Who Are The Freemasons?
  • Other Shows’ Schedule This Week: Wednesday with George Gammon & Thursday LIVE with the Duran at 1 p.m. eastern.
  • 1st VivaBarnes LIVE meetup: Sunday, February 26, 2023, Las Vegas, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., with location and tickets to be announced. The utility of this schedule is it allows people to drive in the same day and drive out if they live within 4 to 5 hours or so, and also allow people to fly in and fly out same day if that’s what they want to do. It also allows those who want to enjoy the location to actually enjoy the location with this midday schedule that frees up the evening before and the evening after. (Rekieta’s Vegas meet up is Sunday night from 8 to midnight.) Also, we likely won’t do a buffet, so folks can eat before/after the event as they wish in Vegas, but we may have some special snacks available. Doors open at 2 to meet and greet, live show from 3 to 5, and personal audience-only Q&A from 5 to 6. We will live-stream the Sunday show with guests Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert answering a live Q&A from the audience. Likely location will be a short drive from either the Strip or downtown Las Vegas, so hotels on the Strip, in downtown, or off-strip all suffice. A guide to Vegas hotels will be posted by me this week. Ticket costs will be priced to cover all costs of the event, make it a valuable event, and compensate for time. I anticipate 4 meetups each year in different parts of the country. I anticipate a ticket of $200/person with maximum tickets to be sold of 250 per event. I want each person to get the chance to have real interaction with fellow members of the board and Viva and I. Tickets to go on sale by end of this week.

The Introduction: News in Brief

  • Three+ years later, they finally plan to end “the emergency.” But now Biden admin thinking about invoking emergency powers to impose new abortion laws.
  • CDC admits they overcounted Covid hospitalizations.
  • More acknowledge: Biden classified docs problem kills Trump probe. They switch to New York DA to indict Trump for Stormy Daniels payments instead.
  • Google caught deleting internal company chats over its monopolistic practices.
  • Two-thirds of Americans admit living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Dallas Fed says recession incoming.
  • Central banks demand for gold reached highest level since oil shock of the 1970s.
  • Turkey rejects Finland & Sweden application to join NATO.
  • SEC admitted sale of LBRY tokens in the 2ndary market is not a security.
  • Haley 4th in her home state of South Carolina, with Trump strong 1st. JD Vance endorses Trump.

Wisdom of the Day: “Are you so blind that you don’t even see what I am? I’m your easiest problem and your gonna kill me?” Michael Clayton.

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