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Today, my memory was refreshed why I really do not like the VA. Couple of weeks back, I got snail mail from them advising me that I could enroll directly for VA Care if 1) I deployed to a combat zone, 2) I've never signed up for VA healthcare, and 3) I left the service between 9/11 and 1 Oct 2013. Yes, yes, and yes. Since I retired with 24 years, I've had Tricare this whole time, and never had to deal with the VA at all. I'd approached them a few years ago to check on possibly filing for my tinnitis, but when they got to the part about performing a virtual fiscal colonoscopy, I told them no thanks.

So, since I was wondering how this would interact/affect the Tricare coverage (which has been very nice), I called for more info.

And, it figures, the reps I talked to had no idea, as my concerns were not on the list of pre-programmed responses for frequently asked questions. But it did reveal what was not included in the letter, that this was a targeted effort, specifically for vets that maybe, might, possibly pop up with a list of claims, such as oil well fires, burn pits, agent orange. . .and oh, yeah, they wanted the fiscal colonoscopy (whole household revenue), and to agree to a raft of conditions, including making the VA and various political appointees "attorneys in fact" with the power to reach in any time they felt like it to. . .

Pretty much stopped it right there with a "nah". Not doing that. Like things the way they are. Not giving the clown show any encouragement. Once it became clear what it was about, the letter I got took on a whole other meaning, and the attempt at the manipulation of ignorance and fear stand out in almost bold face print. . .and is really kind of insulting, but in a weaselly, passive aggressive way, but included an "act now before time runs out (30th of September deadline. . .oddly coincident with end of the Fiscal Year. Hmm)

I can take solace that I didn't take it out on the call agent, and remained unflappably civil, and ended the conversation cordially. Also, it was confirmed that my DD214 data is on record electronically, and it does accurately reflect that I was in Desert Storm, so there is that.

But man, I really, really hate the VA. Government, and government employees, doing government things to people, in the most government of fashions.


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February 17, 2024
Appearance on Richard Syrette

I did a quick hit on Richard Syrette yesterday. Gotta keep Canadians apprised of the U.S. madness.

Appearance on Richard Syrette
The Barnes Brief, Podcast Format: Monday, July 17, 2023

Closing Argument: Birthright citizenship is deeply American, and wholly Constitutional.

The Barnes Brief, Podcast Format: Monday, July 17, 2023
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The Barnes Brief: Friday, May 31, 2024


What Are The Odds:

Sunday at 6 pm eastern: Law for the People w/ Viva


Book Recommendation: Attorney For The Damned.


Closing Argument: Food Freedom & Medical Freedom Poll Details


Introduction: Top 10 Headlines of the Week

  1. Trump verdict.
  2. Public rallies to Trump.
  3. Market mostly ignores Trump verdict.
  4. MDMA to be legal?
  5. Bureaucracy killing economy.
  6. More vaccine injuries.
  7. NATO flirts with war with Russia.
  8. CRE disaster.
  9. Zoomer revolt.
  10. FOIA Fauci fraud. 

*Bonus: Rangers to the rescue.

Wisdom of the Day: “I was shocked how much people support Food Freedom.” Richard Baris.


The Evidence: Top Ten Articles Curated from The Barnes Library

  1. Inside China’s problems.
  2. The Technocratic State.
  3. Left fears demographic shift.
  4. De-banking spreads.
  5. The Anxious generation.
  6. Dems stuck with Biden.
  7. The crack baby debate.
  8. Child welfare agencies investigation.
  9. Punishment backfires for cases of addiction.
  10. The state is not the solution.

*Bonus: No “kids” exception to 4th Amendment.  


Homework: Cases TBD on Sunday Show

  1. Selective prosecution.
  2. Due process.
  3. Impeachment immunity.
  4. Right to confront and present witnesses.
  5. Discovery rights.
  6. Jury issues.
  7. Texas approves abortion law.
  8. Insanity defense.
  9. Stopping voter fraud.
  10. Drug searches.
  11. Search warrants in kids’ cases.
  12. SCOTUS: New York’s selective prosecution problem.


Closing Argument: 1776 Law Center Survey Details

  • As requested, a deep dive into the survey by Big Data of the American people on issues of Food Freedom and Medical Freedom.
  • If a candidate supports a right to buy food directly from farmers without government permission, are you less likely to vote for them, more likely to vote for them or no impact on your vote?

More Likely: 58%

Less Likely 12%

No Impact: 30%

More Likely by Demographic

Men: 60%

Women: 56%

18-29: 60%

30-44: 60%

45-64: 55%

65+: 56%

White: 59%

Black: 55%

Hispanic: 53%

Asian: 52%

Other: 55%

GOP: 66%

Democrat: 54%

“America First” Republican: 71%

Liberal: 55%

Moderate: 54%

Conservative: 65%

No College Degree: 61%

College Degree: 55%

Under $100K: 58%

Over $100K: 58%

Employed: 61%

Disabled: 60%

Student: 53%

Retired: 56%

Private Union: 71%

Married: 60%

Widowed: 66%

Single: 53%

Kids under 18: 63%

Veteran: 65%

Evangelical: 64%

Mormon: 71%

Urban: 58%

Suburban: 54%

Rural: 65%

Northeast: 54%

Midwest: 56%

South 62%

West: 53%

Certain to vote in 2024: 60%

Trump Voters: 66%

Biden Voters: 53%

Libertarian: 69%

Voters Considering both Trump & Kennedy: 63%


  • Why do they feel this strongly? Here’s why.


“Americans should be allowed to buy food directly from farmers without getting government permission”

Strongly Agree: 50%

Agree: 28%

Disagree: 8%

Strongly Disagree: 2%


% Strongly Agree:

Over 45: 55%

GOP: 61%

Conservative: 61%

America First: 69%

Independents who “share little in common with either party”: 51%

No College: 53%

Evangelicals: 56%

Muslim: 63%

Mormon: 67%

Rural: 58%

West North Central: 59%

Certain to vote in 2024: 54%

Considering both Trump & Kennedy: 62%


  • What is the problem they are identifying? Here ‘tis.

“More food should be available directly from the farmer than from big corporations”

Strongly Agree: 51%

Agree: 30%

Disagree: 7%

Strongly Disagree: 2%


  • Equally, Americans overwhelmingly support medical freedom.


Candidate Supports Making Drug Companies Financially Responsible for Vaccine Injuries

More likely: 68%

Less likely: 13%


Drug Companies Should Not Be Immune From Suit If Their Vaccines Cause Injuries

Strongly Agree: 49%

Agree: 25%

Disagree: 10%

Strongly Disagree: 7%


% Strongly Agree

GOP: 56%

Conservative 58%

America First: 62%

Independents Who Share Little in Common w/ Either Party: 52%

Non-College: 56%

Unemployed, Looking: 53%

Disabled: 56%

Veteran: 50%

Evangelical: 57%

Midwest: 53%

Certain to vote in 2024: 53%

Trump 2024: 56%

3rd Party/Independent: 55%

Considering Trump & Kennedy: 65%


  • Why such strong, broad support? Here, again, we find the answer.


Suffered serious adverse consequences from the Covid-19 vaccine in terms of discrimination?

Yes/Unsure: 31%


% Yes/Unsure

Under 30: 49%

Over 50: 25%

Black: 42%

Hispanic: 43%

Other: 43%

Independent: 31%

America First Republican: 45%

Independent Share Little in Common w/ Either Party: 36%

Non-White No College: 45%

Unemployed: 43%

Student: 37%

Private Union: 54%

Separated: 45%

Kids Under 18: 51%

Active Military: 53%

“Another religion”: 39%

Evangelical: 40%

Urban: 39%

Unsure about voting in 2024: 42%

New voters: 49%

Third Party/Independent: 48%

Considering Kennedy or Trump: 53%


Someone close to you suffered serious injury or death from Covid19 vaccine?

YES: 22%

Unsure: 8%

NO: 70%


% Yes/Unsure

Under 30: 43%

Over 65: 20%

Black: 36%

Hispanic: 38%

America First: 43%

Independent Share Little in Common w/ Either Party: 36%

High School: 36%

Non-White Non-College: 39%

Student: 31%

Unemployed: 36%

Private Union: 45%

Separated: 40%

Kids Under 18: 43%

Active Military: 51%

Another Religion: 37%

Evangelical: 40%

Urban: 34%

Unsure about voting in 2024: 42%

New Voters: 47%

Independent/3rd Party: 50%

Trump or Kennedy: 65%


  • Food Freedom and Medical Freedom are the tickets to success in 2024.  
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Barnes Brief: Friday, May 24, 2024


LIVE w/ Duran


LIVE on Sky News:

Friday Night Live:

Saturday Movie Night: TBD by Board Poll

Sunday at 6 pm eastern: Law for the People w/ Viva

Memorial Day Special What Are the Odds: 2 pm eastern

Closing Argument: Inside the 1776 Law Center Survey

Book Recommendation: The Wild Jackasses.


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The Barnes Brief: May 17, 2024


Book Recommendation: Amish & the State.  

Closing Argument: Open the Courts


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