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Friday night, anyone in the mood for top ten movies for a desert island? I expect my list will not match yours.

1. Casablanca - Perfect movie. Bogart. Bergman. Raines, Greenstreet, Lorre, Henreid, Veidt, counter that with a better cast. And the inimitable Dooley Wilson. You played it for her, you can play it for me. The Germans wore Grey, you wore blue. We'll always have Paris. Round up the usual suspects!

2. North by Northwest - Cary Grant. Eva Marie Saint. Trains, crop dusters. Hitchcock. The UN building. James Mason. Did I mention Hitchcock?

3. Ice Station Zebra - Howard Hughes' favorite move. Cold war. Submarine. Sound track. Rock Hudson (not Gregory Peck) as Captain Kirk. Patrick McGoohan, greatest spy in cinema. The electric boat division is gonna get a very nasty letter. The Russians put our camera made by our German scientists and your film made by your German scientists into their satellite made by their German scientists, and, up she went.

4. The Godfather (I & II) Those that say II was the best sequel don't know that it was one movie delivered in two parts. Would be best movie ever made if not for Casablanca. Brando, the best there ever was.

5. 2001, A Space Odyssey - Genius collaboration, Kubrick and Clarke, with a little help from Joseph Campbell. Allegorical in the extreme, watch it as many times as you like and you will always find something new.

6. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Tarantino's love letter to the place where he was formed. Epic. Woefully underrated. Margot Robbie brings Sharon Tate back to life, which alone is superlative beyond measure. This movie made me respect DiCaprio and Pitt as actors.

7. You Only Live Twice - Personal favorite Bond move. Epic, but must be seen and felt in it's time. Nancy Sinatra, best theme song. Only allegorical Bond movie. Pay attention to the submarine scenes.

8. Forbidden Planet - Defined the science fiction genre and inspired everything that came after, so much that it is still paid homage in current classics. Walter Pidgeon. Robbie the Robot. The Krell.

9. Saving Private Ryan - Spielberg's defining movie, where he brought all of his considerable skills to bear. The best movie of its decade, an absolute travesty that it was not best picture, because of guess who? Harvey Weinstein.

10. Diamonds are Forever - Doesn't really belong, because a third of it is just crap. But I'm still taking it for the island, because the first half is the most fun Bond ever, the ending isn't awful., and Jill St. John is just, wow. Lana Wood ain't bad as Plenty O'Toole. Named for your farther, perhaps? I didn't know there was a pool down there. But what were they thinking with Jimmy Dean as Howard Hughes?

So many to leave on the boat. Would like for find room for Peter Sellers, Robert Redford, Johnny Depp, other Kubrick and Hitchcock movies, the young Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon, so many others.

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November 30, 2023
On the Lighter side of things…

I came across this on my morning jog.

November 27, 2023
Need the knowledge of our community!

Marion found this at the beach. It’s clearly a bone. We just have no idea what kind. Anyone got a good guess?

November 26, 2023
I keep telling my kids that if you just leave the house, good things happen

This happened today. Just an alligator eating a snapping turtle!

The Barnes Brief, Podcast Format: Monday, July 17, 2023

Closing Argument: Birthright citizenship is deeply American, and wholly Constitutional.

The Barnes Brief, Podcast Format: Monday, July 17, 2023
Declaration of Independence

Audio podcast style.

Declaration of Independence
Barnes Law School: 2nd Amendment Victory!

Enjoy this podcast deep dive into the case, much like a single session of a law school class.

Barnes Law School: 2nd Amendment Victory!
November 30, 2023
Actually unfriended by a former actual friend

Today I had a 2+ decade-old best friend formally cut ties with me. We hadn't really been in touch since Covid. Whenever I came back to Canada I would DM, to grab a coffee / lunch, and would get a run-around which I chalked up to busy lives. I suspected other issues were at play, but I thought I was being over cynical - even for myself.

In anticipation of coming back for the holidays, I reached out yesterday with a humorous "Are you still alive" (the thought that my friend has actually died did occur to me). The response was a terse and formal "I have no interest in catching up" (paraphrasing).

It was weird. An emotional gut-punch that I could actually feel physically.

We hadn't been in touch for years, so there is no actual day-to-day loss. It's not even the formal death of the potential "we're friends and will catch up when we catch up" type thing that hurts so much either.

It's trying to understand what happened in the mind and soul of a 25+ year friend who knew and knows me in a way few people do....

@WalmartInc @Elon #X @Twitter @Disney

I have been a shareholder in @Walmart since the Mid 90's, I just sold a lot but not all for the first time. I am still a #shareholder.

I am willing to be a stockholder of record who has standing in there is a lawyer who wants to sue the Ceo and the board personally.

#Walmart just announced they are no longer going to advertise on #Twitter / #X .

I do not understand how this does not effect the Walmart Boards #FiduciaryResponsibility to shareholders. This was a personal political decision.

The CEO of Walmart is very active in the #WorldEconomicForum and has been a major headline speaker. @wef

Great sunset tonight. Turned from yellow to orange. I love seeing hundreds of Grackles and European Starlings roosting on the wires...

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The Barnes Brief: Substack-Style, Weekend of December 1, 2023


  • Sunday: Law For the People at 6 pm eastern
  • Closing Argument: The Utility of Resistance Against Futility

Introduction: Top 10 Headlines of the Week

  • Santos expelled
  • J6 committee destroyed evidence
  • Kissinger died
  • Charlie Munger passed
  • Kochs back War Karen Nikki
  • Venezuela seeks to annex Guyana
  • The Tax Man cometh
  • China-Biden ties grow as corruption evidence builds against Biden
  • tells blackmailing advertisers where they can go.
  • Trump trial shows

*Bonus: Alex Jones’ video game.

Wisdom of the Day: "the effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death." Monty Oum. 

The Evidence: Top Ten Curated Articles from The Barnes Library

  1. Hunter Biden testimony controversy.
  2. Mail-in voting problems.
  3. Left populist: Democrats crime position is irrational.
  4. Hamas history.
  5. Market educates Disney.
  6. Texas sues Pfizer.
  7. Hitchens’ book on Kissinger.
  8. Kissinger’s multiple sides.
  9. The many legends of Kissinger.
  10. Charlie Munger’s truths.

*Bonus: Babies love ice cream.


Closing Argument: The Utility of Resisting Futility 

  • Dylan Thomas, the Welsh poet, said it best: Do not go gentle in that good night, rage, rage against the dying of the light. Be more like the wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, and in the same vein, the greatest trick the system ever pulled was convincing people you cannot resist. The argument is simple, short, and, in this vein, sweet: never forget our own ability to change the world, no matter how long the odds may seem. Do indeed never go gentle in that good night.
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The Barnes Brief: Substack-Style, Weekend of October 27, 2023


  • Friday Book Club at 9ish est: American Political Scripture Series: Chapter 8, part 2, Unconstitutionality of Slavery, by Lysander Spooner
  • Saturday Box Office at 9 est: TBD by Board poll
  • Sunday: Law For the People at 6 pm eastern
  • Closing Argument: Constitutional Rights Against the Courts

Introduction: Top 10 Headlines of the Week

  • Gaza escalation; IDF targeting Hamas.  
  • New Speaker.
  • Major fashion brands accused of running sex-trafficking operations.
  • SBF takes stand in FTX trial.
  • Biden coverup expands.
  • New maps in Georgia demanded by Obama judge.
  • Lies spread about Meadows exposed.
  • Trump moves to
  • South Park satirizes Disney.
  • Elon wants X to be your bank, but can’t restore George Gammon’s hacked

Wisdom of the Day: By “ingenious sophisms” the history of courts show how they “extended the sphere of their jurisdiction” much beyond their original limits. Centinel.

The Evidence: Top Ten Curated Articles from The Barnes Library


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The Barnes Brief: Substack-Style, Weekend of October 20, 2023


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