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The Barnes Brief: Monday, May 22, 2023
May 22, 2023
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Barnes Brief

Schedule This Week

  • Sidebar w/ Rachel Alexander: Wednesday at 7 pm
  • Bourbon w/ Barnes: Monday & Thursday at 9-ish pm
  • The Closing Argument Today: Plot Against the Election: Preamble

Introduction: Top 10 Headlines

  • Deep State favorite Tim Scott joins fellow Deep State favorite Nikki Haley in useless Presidential bid.
  • More Americans say worse off now than any prior time in Fed survey.
  • Gates/Epstein blackmail.
  • Emergency phones issued to Congress.
  • Debt ceiling debate impasse remains.
  • Russia takes Bakhmut, the biggest single battle in the 21st century.
  • Ecuador president disbands parliament rather than be impeached.
  • New mortgages reached lowest volume since end of GFC, as cheaper to rent than own in most locales.  
  • Bank deposits rate declines the most since 1975, as real retail sales fell, savings collapsed, and credit spiked.
  • Rumble advertising revenue tripled over last year.

Wisdom of the Day: “Where justice denied, poverty enforced, ignorance prevalent, and one class made to feel power is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property can be safe.” Frederick Douglass.


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First Street interview of the day

Everyone enjoy! See you soon!

Life at 19:00 with Barnes

Watching now from the best seat in the house.

Entering the Creator Lounge

Pretty good view

February 17, 2024
Appearance on Richard Syrette

I did a quick hit on Richard Syrette yesterday. Gotta keep Canadians apprised of the U.S. madness.

Appearance on Richard Syrette
The Barnes Brief, Podcast Format: Monday, July 17, 2023

Closing Argument: Birthright citizenship is deeply American, and wholly Constitutional.

The Barnes Brief, Podcast Format: Monday, July 17, 2023
Declaration of Independence

Audio podcast style.

Declaration of Independence
Some thoughts

I still can’t get over the miracle we all just lived through.

The world would be at war right now but for the breath of God.

I am not a religious man. But I pray there is a God to watch over Corey Competatore and his family.

I will pray even though I don’t know what that does.

There is evil.

There are the martyrs of evil.

And there are the unwitting beneficiaries of the martyrs of evil.

I pray that the world truly appreciates that we are all now, at this point, the unwitting beneficiaries of the martyrs of evil.

Godspeed and God bless.

Chat for tonight!

Hi everyone, we made it part way through Pennsylvania. Big day of driving and exhausted.

Going to chill and watch the RNC convention with Marion, but setting this chat up for the community. I will be popping in and out thought.

What a week. Rumors are Biden is dropping out.

Booya. Still feeling the miracle we witnessed.


I met tucker

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The Barnes Brief: July 12, 2024


  • SkyNews
  • Sheperdess Interview
  • Sunday at 6 pm eastern: Law for the People w/ Viva
  • LIVE from RNC Monday to Wednesday

Book Recommendation: Some Honorable Men: Political Conventions, 1960-1972

Closing Argument: Who Are the 2024 Swing Voters?

Introduction: Top 10 Headlines of the Week

  1. Biden coup
  2. Biden won’t go
  3. Pew poll
  4. Trump VP
  5. Baldwin trial explodes
  6. Smart meter mandates
  7. RNC platform dissent
  8. Garland contempt fails
  9. Economy woes
  10. Price concerns               

*Bonus: Croc invasion.

Wisdom of the Day: “But generally, center-left liberals who are doing very well, and center-right conservatives who are doing very well, have an incredible blind spot about how much their success is built on a system that is not serving people who they should be serving.” J.D. Vance.

The Evidence: Top Ten Articles Curated from The Barnes Library

  1. RNC Platform.
  2. Project 2025.
  3. The other side of Project 2025.
  4. 10.7 Failure.
  5. Using climate change to deny us our food.
  6. Illegals voting.
  7. Gabbard for VP?
  8. VP Vance?
  9. Echo chamber campuses.
  10. Sex abuse coverup.

*Bonus: Famous convention speeches.

Homework: Top Dozen Cases TBD on Sunday Show

I.              SCOTUS: Petition on property seizures.

II.           SCOTUS: Petition on religious schools.

III.        Athletes as employees.

IV.         The 13th juror.

V.           Recount limits in Michigan.

VI.         Court secrecy.

VII.      Recording as speech.

VIII.   Pennsylvania bans on court recording.

IX.        Tweets as speech.

X.           Negligent hiring.

XI.        Legal limits on Biden $.

XII.      Legal limits on Biden ballot access.


Closing Argument:  The 2024 Swing Voters

As the Convention approaches, the KYA of American politics – Know Your Audience – comes central. The VP pick, the convention speeches, and viral moments from the convention shape the core narrative to the voter groups deciding the election. The “swing voters” are voters who are undecided on whether to vote and whom to vote for. Who are these voters?

1776 Law Center commissioned a survey to uncover who these voters are. One-in-5 voters are uncommitted to any Presidential candidate and admitted they are considering multiple options, including whether to vote for Trump or Biden or Kennedy. Of note, half the country excluded voting for each of the candidates; about 40% committed to voting for Trump; about 40% committed to voting for Biden; 5% committed to voting for Kennedy. Half the country said they are considering voting for Trump, Biden or Kennedy. Who are the 20% uncommitted?

First, the swing voter is a self-described independent who does not lean toward either party and tends to describe their ideology as “none of the above” or “moderate.”  They disproportionately admit they have skipped voting in past elections and voting for third party or independent candidates for office.

Second, the 2024 swing voter tends more than the general voting electorate to be an ethnic minority, a younger GenX, millennial or zoomer generation, and as likely to be urban as suburban, with a slight favoritism toward being separated and having young children.

Third, the 2024 swing voter tends to be religious or spiritual, but not church-going, with a secular approach to public life but a traditional view on matters of private morals.

Fourth, the 2024 swing voter tends to not have a post-college degree or a college degree from a prestigious institution, self-identifies more as working-class than middle class, and expresses economic stress at current economic conditions and future prospects.

Fifth, the 2024 swing voter experienced above average rates of social and physical harm from the Covid19 vaccine, with half reporting someone very close to them suffering a serious or severe harm from the vaccine or discrimination from vaccine mandates.

Sixth, the 2024 swing voter expresses great skepticism toward big business, government bureaucrats, the expert class as a whole, lawyers and scientists, the press and politicians. They disproportionately obtain their information about politics from independent media platformed by social media means.

What motivates these voters? These voters listed the issues “more likely” to impact their vote as:

  • the right to buy food directly from a farmer without government permission (73% of swing voters as opposed to 53% of other voters);
  • the power to hold drug companies responsible for the vaccines (76% of swing voters versus 63% of other voters);
  • the ability to stop censorship online (64% of swing voters versus 54% of other voters);
  • the right to buy and hold bitcoin without regulation or taxation (50% of swing voters versus 30% of other voters); and
  • stopping funding the war in Ukraine (55% of swing voters versus 30% of other voters).

The 2024 swing voter mirrors the populist proclivities of past swing voter constituencies with the issues shifting to those issues impacting their day-to-day life – economic opportunity without discrimination based on medical choices; remedy for the harm from bad products; access to good food from the producer of that food; access to financial self-improvement outside central bank control; and funds for projects at home rather than wars abroad.

The party and candidate that targets this swing voter best in 2024 enjoys the best chance to win election in 2024.

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Barnes Brief: Week of July 4, 2024


·      Wednesday, Bourbon w/ Barnes at 9ish pm eastern

·      Sunday at 6 pm eastern: Law For the People w/ Viva

·      Book Recommendation:

·      Closing Argument: Remembering the Revolution

Introduction: Top 10 Headlines of the Week

  1. Trump immunity.
  2. Trump trends.
  3. Harris plots.
  4. Donors fear.
  5. Biden won’t leave.
  6. Deep State plots.
  7. Trump lawfare.
  8. Europeans skeptical of Ukraine.
  9. Hurricanes incoming.
  10. Pension problems.

*Bonus: Fishing troubles from Hurricane.

Wisdom of the Day: “We for Ten Years incessantly and ineffectually besieged the Throne as Supplicants; we Reasoned, we Remonstrated with Parliament in the most mild and decent Language. But Administration, sensible that we should regard these oppressive Measures as Freemen ought to do, sent over Fleets and Armies to enforce them.” Representatives of the Colonies, 1775.

The Evidence: Top Ten Articles Curated from The Barnes Library

  1. Immunity decision summation.
  2. The unrealism of Dump Biden.
  3. SCOTUS greenlights censorship.
  4. Need for military reform.
  5. Trump joins Medical Freedom.
  6. Dem Delegate rules
  8. Deep State Debate rigging.
  9. Petrodollar concerns.
  10. Industrial resurrection.

*Bonus: ACLU’s anti-Trump obsession.

Homework: Top Dozen Cases TBD on Sunday Show

I.          SCOTUS: Suing agencies.

II.         SCOTUS: Social Media

III.        SCOTUS: Trump Immunity

IV.        SCOTUS: Social Media Cert

V.         SCOTUS: Unconstitutional Agencies Cert

VI.        SCOTUS: Racial Jury Selection Cert

VII.       SCOTUS: Prosecutorial Misconduct

VIII.       SCOTUS: 2nd Amendment.

IX.         SCOTUS: Jury trial presence.

X.          SCOTUS: Jury trial numbers.

XI.        Trump motion for mistrial in New York.

XII.      Vaccine mandate verdict.

*Bonus: Trump search.

** Bonus: Biden Export Ban overturned.

*** Bonus: Missouri Sues New York

Closing Argument: Remembering the Revolution

  • No better expression of the meaning of the Constitution exists than the American Revolution itself. The Revolution established the principle “that all civil government, as far as it can be denominated free, is a creature of the people. It originates with them. It is conducted under their direction; and has in view nothing but their happiness.” Any government unconsented to by the people is not a “free” government.
  • Let’s start from First Principles. At the outset, each individual human may “assume among the power of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them.” All legitimate power derives from the consent of the governed; any other asserted power is usurped, illegitimate and unfree. This surmises the first of the Eternal Truths we know to be “self-evident.” Of note, the appeal to conscience and the archives of Nature – God’s writing on the soul of each human and the world created – provides the first and foremost admissible evidence in support of these truths. This informs the reason “all man are created equal” and “endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.” The origin of government is “to secure these rights” as the only “just powers” must obtain “the consent of the governed.” Nothing better surmises the core precepts of the Revolution: respect for each human being as a human being, and the constraints on civil society and authorized governance to respect the rights of each human being.
  • Every principle and precept of the Constitution should be read in light of its purpose: “to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” The Constitution must “provide new Guards for their future security” of their “unalienable rights.” What are those unalienable rights? At a minimum, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  
  • The litany and list of offenses against those unalienable rights give us further definition of what the Constitution must be a security Guard against. Refusing to “assent to laws.” The right of Representation. Distant venues of representative assemblies. Border mismanagement. No independent judiciary. Biased judges corrupted by loyalty to something other than the law and the rights of the people. A ridiculous multitude of new administrative offices that “harass our people and eat out their substance.” Standing armies. A military power above the law. Foreign jurisdiction. Mock trials that protect the politically connected. Taxation without representation. Depriving the people of Trial by Jury. Venues and vicinages of trials beyond their home. Military drafts for perfidious wars. Left defenseless against invasion. Refusal to answer petitions for redress of grievances. An unwarrantable jurisdiction of government over the citizen. In objection to this, they declared independence and swore their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.
  • These principles should form the frame for filtering any Constitutional question of today. We witness in the DC courts the recreation of “transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses.” We see in the NYC courts “a mock trial” that makes a mockery of justice. We see in the judicial denial of jury trials in a range of case the “depriving us in many case of the benefits of
    Trial by Jury.” We see in the self-aggregating administrative state a hungry bureaucracy “erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”
  • A simple refrain for any Constitutional question must commence with What Would the Revolutionaries Do? Answer that question, and the Constitution comes alive an entire new light, like the night skies of the Fourth around America.
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The Barnes Brief: Friday, June 28, 2024


·      5% Picks Posted for Euro & Copa America.

·      Saturday Movie Night: TBD

·      Sunday at 6 pm eastern: Law For the People w/ Viva

·      Book Recommendation: How the Ageless Wisdom of the Federal Courts was Invented

·      Closing Argument: Standing Stands For Nothing


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