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While fishing

AMA Vol. 3

Sorry if this is has been posted multiple times... Seem to be having some tech difficulties. Here is volume 3 AMA - you ask, I answer. ✌️

The cutest ugly dog on earth

I met the cutest ugly dog on earth tonight. I couldn’t understand why I loved this dog so much. Then I realized… It’s soft, hairless skin smells just like someone I knew and loved in my life. 😂


Alright, it’s officially a vacation. We caught two fish. This was the bigger one. But it had parasites on it, so we put it back.

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Winnie and the local pet supply store

I shot this the the other day. Just put it together while kids sleep. Winnie pulling me to the local pet supply store

Rule 1 of fishing

You can’t catch a fish if you don’t have a worm on the hook. 😂

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